round 2 - us vs. 528

a year ago today... we were frantically working on our house with mom, trying to get everything ready to move in!! we closed on our house july 18th of last year and celebrated one year of home ownership over the weekend. i would have done a fun post to celebrate, but we were both in columbus for a bridal shower, bachelorette and bachelor party :-)

anyway, a year ago i made a list. those of you that know me, know that i'm a big list maker. i make lists to remind myself of the lists i need to make (got that?). i tend to forget, well, everything so i've found that lists are the best way to keep me on track and focused. so about this list that i made a year ago... it was titled "round 1 - us vs. 528" and looked something like this:

i purposely posted that small so you can't read it and see how incredibly ambitious/detailed/crazy the list was. really, i'm embarrassed.

this list has been on our fridge for the last year. we have crossed things off, revised tasks, added to it, and in very exciting moments, put giant check marks next to the completed items. there are still some things left on the list, but considering that i'm starting to get sick of looking at it, it is mostly complete, and it is just one more thing that makes our house a project and not a home, i think it is time to move on. the list is coming down.

now you are probably confused. i said i need lists and now i'm taking the list down?? clearly we are no where near being done working on our house... i've decided that instead i will make the new and improved list an online blog list only. we have big plans for the next year and i'll be posting our thoughts and ideas over the next few days. we'll call the blog list "round 2 - us vs. 528". it will not have nearly as many items as the first round (at least i hope not!) but will have some larger projects that will take more time/effort/money to complete. i'll divide it up by room, just like i did the first list. and now i'm getting excited about making a new list... something is wrong with me.

besides, blog lists will be much easier to ignore than giant lists on the fridge ;-)

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One Response to round 2 - us vs. 528

Dennis and Su said...

So cool. I really can't believe just how much you have accomplished in only a year! Bravo/brava! Fantastic! You make me feel sloth-ish. Early on we did loads of stuff like wall paper removal and painting. We replaced all the light fixtures as well. Our next HUGE thing it the kitchen project. We also need new flooring in the basement and our den. I'd like to re-do the stairway but haven't convinced Dennis yet. Hmmm...


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