why I shouldn't be left alone in the house...

Mike went to a Cardinals game tonight with some co-workers, so I was left on my own to work on the house. Before Mike left, our bathroom looked like this:

This is the other side of our bathroom, it's hard to take a picture of it cause the bathroom is so small. The door on the right is for the linen closet. It's a good size linen closet, but it's hard to get to b/c of how the doors open.

Anyway, I decided that the hole in the wall needed to be much bigger... like window size bigger. Notice the gross itchy insulation and the 2x4 that is right in front of the window.

Here it is!!! The window!!!! I am so excited, it lets sooooo much light into the bathroom. Unfortunately, the glass needs to be replaced on the entire window, but more on that later.

Yes, the window is higher than the ceiling. I figured this out last night when I was thinking about how tall the window was vrs how tall the ceiling was. It was expected, but still annoying. This could be why the window was covered up?

So then I decided to go ahead and remove the rest of the wallpaper...

And remove the door on the linen closet :-) I wanted to keep going and remove the door frame, but I decided to wait and see what Mike wanted to do about the frame.

Last night we went to Lowes to try to figure out what to do about the window. We were thinking of just getting a new window. After talking to the guy at Lowes, we quickly realized that we couldn't afford to replace our original wood window with a new wood window. We'd have to get a vinyl window. And, Lowes charges $400 to install a single window! The install price plus the window price would probably be around $700! There's no way we can do that. If we get a new window, we're going to have to install it ourselves. I'm sure we can do it, we'd just need to find/borrow a big extension ladder. I'm also having huge issue with putting a vinyl window in our house b/c the rest of the windows are the original wood. The other option is to just replace the glass. This is what I'm leaning towards. This was a big reason for going ahead and uncovering the whole window, I wanted to see what kind of shape the frame and rest of the window were in. It looks really good, so I think I'm going to call around tomorrow and try to find someone to just replace the glass. We'd probably get the top to be clear glass and the bottom to be obscured glass since it's a bathroom.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, we had decided to take the door off of the linen closet and just paint the shelves. I think that this will make it much more accessible (except now I need to make sure it's clean and organized), and it will help open up the tiny bathroom even more.
Now I just need to wait for Mike to come home and see what I did.... hehe.

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One Response to why I shouldn't be left alone in the house...

Dennis and Sue said...

Excellent work! You can work on our house any time! Too bad the glass in the window is broken though...


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