dining room light: part 1

blog friends - sorry for the delay in the dining room light description, i promise i didn't forget, work has just kept me busy lately and i've also finally started studying for the AREs. i already miss my free time :-)

but back to the dining room light. this is going to be a long... i think i'm going to break it up into 2 posts. i started thinking about making a fixture something similar to this, only with light bulbs, about a year ago. then i saw this post on door sixteen and started to rethink my plan... i really liked the look of the globes, esp. when combined with round light bulbs. using the tutorials that anna posted, i came up with a basic design.

first step was to find the glass globes. one of the tutorials recommended cb2, so when we were in chicago last spring, we went to cb2 and bought 21 bubble balls:

why 21? i don't really remember my logic at the time, but i bet it has something to do with the fact that i was planning on using 3 actual light fixtures. or maybe they only had 21. either way, we've had 21 of these things sitting in our basement for a year. and somehow we managed to not break a single one. success!

next up, the actual light fixture/cord kits. we looked at home depot, lowes, ikea, and even a lighting store and didn't have much luck. eventually we found white cord kits at pier one - nothing was wrong with them but the cords looked more like extension cords and i wasn't crazy about that. finally we found a cord kit at urban outfitters that had a nice smooth cord. we bought 3.

the hardest part was finding something for the ceiling canopy. do you know how difficult it is to find a modern looking ceiling canopy?? after looking everywhere, we finally found this:
and when you take it apart, you are left with this:
the perfect modern ceiling canopy! some of the other materials we used:

ceiling light kit
22 gauge wire
white cotton yarn/string
steel extender piece
electrical tape
3 g30, 60 watt light bulbs
dimmer switch

up next, step by step instructions...

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