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as you've probably picked up on, i work at an architecture firm. i think my official title is "architectural designer" but technically i am not allowed to us the word "architect" until i am actually licensed. this causes all sorts of problems and confusion when i try to tell people what i do for a living. for a little while i said i was an "architectural intern", but again, there's that word architect and i am not really an intern anymore. is it sad that one of my biggest motivators in becoming licensed is just so that i can actually give a title to what i do every day?

anyway, random... back to my work perk. right now i am working on a pretty large interior renovation project at work. because of this, we are getting a ton of samples of various interior finishes. at one point we were reviewing carpet tiles and ended up with a lot of extra tiles. i tried to give the rejected patterns back to the manufacturer because we do not have room to store them in our office... but they never picked them up. so after they sat at my desk for a couple of months i decided to take some of the samples home. the den needed some kind of rug and we somehow ended up with 4 samples each of 3 colors in the same pattern...


i wasn't sure how to arrange them so i tried a couple different layouts


trevi, of course, helped.


i decided to go with this layout for now:


i just put some masking tape on the back of the tiles to hold them all together. the animals loooove the new rug, they keep sleeping on it. they just like this room in general because it gets lots of sunshine during the day. plus it is where i study at night and for some reason all of the pets like to be near me. it's not what i was planning, but for free, it will certainly work for now.

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4 Responses to work perk

carrie said...

I think they make a really cool, cohesive pattern! Looks great.

Good luck on the exams, btw!!!

BunnyMendelbaum said...

I can tell you, it was truely a great day when I was able to say: "I'm an architect." with no guilt or further explaination!

We also have about 3 rugs of samples. Gotta love that perk!

Dennis and Su said...

Very creative.

Good luck to you on those exams!

micah @ the yellow front door said...

Not bad for a free rug, not bad at all!


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