hinge sconce

a few weeks ago i finally ordered 2 hinge sconces from cb2. i had found them a few months ago and really wanted to get them for our bedroom.

6+ years ago i bought 2 lamps with paper shades from ikea. when i bought the lamps, i assumed they would be somewhat temporary until i found something i liked better. strangely, these lamps have survived through 4 moves.
the good thing about these lamps is that they give off a soft enough light that i can read at night in bed without bothering mike. the bad thing is that over the last 6 years, trevi had decided that he likes to sometimes eat the paper shades.
while some people might have paid extra for the planetarium effect that the lights had, i didn't really care for it. plus, ever since we decided to use non-matching bedside tables, the fact that the lights were at different heights bothered me. i didn't mind the fact that the tables were at different heights, but i thought it looked strange at night when the lights were on. i thought that the sconces were a good solution.

i ordered the sconces online a couple of weeks ago and they quickly arrived a few days later. when i opened the box i noticed that the connection between the sconce arm and the box that should be mounted to the wall was off. it had not been assembled correctly. i opened the second sconce and found the same thing. they would have been crooked if i would have hung them on the wall. i called customer service and they were really nice, but said that several people have had the same problem. maybe they got a bad batch of sconces? they offered to send replacements, so i gave it a second try. the second pair of sconces arrived equally as quickly (they even shipped them before they had received the first pair back from me), but they still were not quite right. luckily, the second pair was only slightly off and i was able to twist them a little to make them straight. overall, i was happy with the customer service from cb2, but i was/am frustrated with the quality of the sconces. the installation directions were not correct (they tell you to install the bracket vertically when you clearly need to install it horizontally), and i was annoyed that i had to do a little tweaking to make it straight. they are also advertised as having a black finish, and the finish definitely has a slight brown tint. i liked the look of the sconces though and hadn't found anything else i liked better, so i decided to move forward with installation.

(side note, whenever we start getting out tools, cooper gets scared and always runs to hide in the bathroom. for some reason he thinks the bathroom is a safe place. and he always takes his stuffed toy. i don't know what he'll do when we eventually renovate the bathroom!)
we had much better luck with the sconce installation once we disregarded the instructions. who really needs instructions anyway... and i am happy to say that i love the way that they look now that they are installed.
(trevi, on the other hand, always comes running to us when we start getting out tools because he thinks there is a chance we might have the laser level. the laser level is his favorite thing ever.)

(i also just realized that we have 3 different pillow cases on the pillows. yep, just keeping it real...)
i still need to buy the little u-shaped nail cord fasteners to help control the cord issue. but i like the fact that the sconces are just plug in. i think once the cord is attached to the wall and straight, it will look fine.
better, right?

we installed the sconces over the weekend and i am happy to report that they are perfect for night time reading. plus they can be angled away for even more indirect light.

i'm glad that this room in finally starting to come together!

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6 Responses to hinge sconce

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Your dog is adorable. I must have him.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Oh, and I like the new sconces! Very sleek.

Dennis and Su said...

Love them!! Very nice!(poor Cooper. So cute!)

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

The lamps look great, and Cooper is too cute. That picture is adorable.

Pam said...

I'm a new reader, and I love your blog! Scared dogs often feel safer in small, enclosed places. Maybe free some closet space when you renovate the bathroom!

Katie said...

great idea pam, i didn't know that about dogs and enclosed spaces. maybe i will clear out a closet upstairs when we do the bathroom, at least enough that he can go there if he'd like. he's funny, he gets scared so easily, but he also always wants to be by us. probably cause he gets lots of love :-)


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