so i don't want to jinx it, but it seems like we might actually be really close to purchasing our floors. we will be installing new hardwood floors throughout the entire first floor of our house. unfortunately, our existing hardwood floors are worn and damaged beyond repair. we've only been talking/thinking about this project for the last 2 years, i cannot wait until it is done. part of the final stages of preparation is deciding what we are going to do with the fireplace. right now, it looks like this:
it is obviously no longer a working fireplace, but it is still a focal point of the dining room. the brick wall has been patched a few times and the floor tiles are loose. as part of the new floor project, i would like to start fixing up the fireplace by replacing the floor tiles. i would like to install something that would be flush with the new hardwood floor, which is why i need to figure out what i am using asap. what i really wanted was a thin slab of carrara marble. i went to price this over the weekend and quickly realized that even the discount remnant slabs are way out of my price range. now i am leaning towards carrara marble tiles, probably in 12x12 format. i would like to eventually tile the back of the fireplace with some kind of smaller format tile (perhaps subway tile) and install an antique grate.

for fireplace inspiration, i turned to my favorite source - local real estate listings. this may seem like a strange source, but whenever i am trying to make a decision on the house that could impact resale and/or i am curious what would have been original to the house, i turn to local houses. i found some great images today:
many of our neighbors actually have similar green toned glazed tiles around their fireplaces still. i love the original look, but don't think that i should try to replicate it with new material.

the next two images look like they include a combination of old and newer materials:
3948 Humphrey (those shelves are kind of fun on either side of the fireplace) - this image has an antique fireplace cover similar to what i've found at local salavage stores. only they only have the surround, not the actual cover. we'd get both.
IMG_6953 i like the colors used in this image, the light tones of the floor tile and the surround look nice with the woodwork and the floors. i don't really care for the type of tile they used on the floor, and if i did 12x12 tiles, i'd use a much smaller grout joint.
this is more like what i was thinking for the fireplace surround, again, i like the lighter colors with the woodwork and floors. i really am not a fan of red painted walls...

i think i am going to try to go to a few local tile stores and see what i can find. i will leave you with this image, which you may recognize from the inspiration images i posted awhile ago.

**edit: i guess i should add that i am not trying to replicate what would have been around the fireplace originally, i am trying to find a simple (and inexpensive) solution that still works with the rest of the house. i do like to mix in some new modern items (our light fixtures are a good example) but i do not think the fireplace is where i want to make a big modern statement.

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Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Those are good inspiration pics - I know you will pick something lovely and appropriate for your house!

sarahgabriel said...

Really gorgeous. All the fireplace are really interesting and well crafted. You are right that These pictures gives inspiration to all of the members.
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