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i had a question the other day about my dining room light fixture. i also have not had much time lately to write anything new or interesting for the blog. and i've noticed that i've gotten some new readers (hi new readers!!). so given all of that, i've decided to do a repost today on the dining room light fixture.

reposted from february:

as i mentioned in my last post, (and over the summer in this post) mike and i have been thinking about/working on our dining room light for awhile now. i had it designed in my head, and we actually starting buying parts for it over a year ago... and then everything just sat in our basement. our only excuse was that we weren't sure how to do the electrical portion, and, we were having a hard time finding the last couple of necessary pieces. but friday night we were able to find everything we needed, and we decided to just jump in and see what happened. by the end of sunday night, we had this:






i love how it turned out. love it. and hopefully i can use it as motivation to continue to work on the dining room - we still need to get new blinds (going to ikea in march, can't wait!) and i'd like to get some kind of buffet or other storage furniture for the room. right now the room only has the table, chairs, and large mirror. i also need to get some more art on the walls but i'm having a hard time finding something that does not compete with the painting. oh, and the floors... someday.

for the tutorial, see part 1 and part 2.

8 months later and we are still loving the light fixture. we've gotten a lot of compliments on it when we have visitors. it adds a nice touch of modern to our old house. i do have to dust it every once in awhile because the glass does get a little dusty. the fun part is when you dust it the entire thing always shifts a little and it will look just a little different.

fyi - i also noticed that both z gallerie and west elm have recently starting selling something similar.

i hope to be back posting more regularly soon, thanks for sticking with me!

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Pudel-design said...

I LOVE this lamp!
Such a great idea;)
Your blog is stunning, so much DIY projects. Love;)
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Lovely greetings...


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