29, starting off right

we started the weekend with a food truck round up in tower grove park on friday night,

although we didn't actually get any food from the food trucks because the lines were so long and they started to run out of food! next time we'll have to go earlier....

followed by a beer festival at forest park

beer tasting + giant pretzel + friends = good times

a lazy saturday morning on the couch with coffee while the husband played video games (and i caught up on blogs)

and cooper discovered that the marble tile was nice and cool

we spent the rest of the saturday shopping and finished the day with outdoor movie night at our friends house (empire records and city island if you're wondering)

sunday was my birthday, we finally bought bikes (!!) and rode 15 miles around forest park. it was beautiful. mike made me a delicious birthday dinner complete with a peanut butter jilly's cupcake.

**sorry, no pictures of biking at the park. it had been 10+ years since i'd been on a bike and i was just a little terrified. both hands were needed for biking. i didn't fall though! success!

***i joined instagram, kind of love it. anyone else on it?

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3 Responses to 29, starting off right

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Dude, happy birthday! I must say I love your moody photos...very cool!

Dennis and Su said...

Happy birthday! Happy biking! I'm glad you are taking some time to have fun and relax!

Rachel Le said...

Happy birthday to you! That sounds like a fabulous day :) I'm slightly terrified of riding a bike too :P


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