a while ago i bought a chair on craigslist. i'm a little embarrassed to even link to the original post because then you will know just how long this thing sat in my basement, but here it is.yes, it was almost 3 years ago... moving on. so we had this chair, i think i paid maybe $5 for it. after taking it home, i realized that there was a good chance that i would not be able to fix it, which is probably part of the reason why it sat in the basement for so long.

a few months ago my mom generously offered to make some cushions for the chair, and since my sewing skills are lacking, i decided to take her up on the offer. she started working on the cushions, which meant i had to do something about the chair.

the first picture was from the craigslist posting. it may look like the chair was in one piece, but it was not. the back was not really attached, and the legs were really wobbly. i removed the broken chair straps, took the chair apart, and then put it back together with wood glue in every joint. i also added a few screws in places where they would not be noticeable, which helped a lot. then i stained the chair with dark walnut stain, applied some oil to finish it, and stapled some new strapping to the seat frame.

it's now sitting in the corner of our dining room. i sat in it the other night and it didn't fall apart so i'm going to say that our repair work was a success! i had a hard time deciding on the fabric for the cushions, i wasn't sure about the stripes but now that it's done i really like it. i found the pillow the other day at world market, it is gray and yellow so of course i had to get it :-)

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4 Responses to chair

Lauren said...

Wow, nice work Katie! I love the shape of the chair and the colors!

Dennis and Su said...

Wow! it looks great and I love it!

Dennis and Su said...

...and the pillow is very nice as well!

Rachel Le said...

It looks like new! I like the stripes :)


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