the dining room

now that we've completed the fireplace project, i think that i can finally say that we are done with the dining room.

i don't think that there is a surface in the room that we haven't touched. we started with removing the pink carpet, the wallpaper, and the drapes. we painted the ceiling, the walls, and the radiator. we removed the mirror above the fireplace and patched the wall. we lived with it for a little while and started to find furniture for the room. then we replaced the pink mini blinds and added curtains. we made our own light fixture. we added more furniture, art work, and accessories. we installed new flooring, and finally updated the fireplace.

yeah, it looks just a little different....

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4 Responses to the dining room

Madine said...

your light fixture looks very good. how did you make it - did you blog about it?

Katie said...

madine - thanks! i did blog about it:

i also included a how to here:

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

It looks fantastic. You did an amazing job with the mantle!

Dennis and Su said...

Beautiful! 100 % improvement!


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