cuteness overload

so yeah... that happened.


the picture above is the photo that had us driving 4.5 hours to tennessee last saturday to "look at" (get) a puppy. there were 3 puppies left when we arrived, and after playing with each of them for a few minutes, we picked out this guy and got back in the car and started home.


the drive home was much more entertaining than the drive down! the puppy did great in the car.


he is a 7 week old golden retriever. we're still working on picking out a name, right now we're leaning towards murphy.


he had been living outside so we were a little worried about the transition to being an indoor dog. so far he's been really good, only a few accidents in the house and he's quickly adapting to crate training.


he does like to chew on things so he needs constant supervision right now. his most favorite thing to chew on his cooper.


as for coop - the first few days with the puppy were hard on cooper. he didn't seem to like the little guy, and refused to acknowledge him when the puppy wanted to play. the only time cooper was nice to the puppy was at night. the puppy will start to cry when we put him in his crate to sleep (which is in our room) and cooper will go over to sleep right next to the crate. being next to cooper seems to comfort murphy and he'll fall asleep.

even though we've been paying extra attention to cooper, i was worried that he was mad at us for bringing the puppy home.


i think we had a turning point last night - after snapping at the puppy for biting his leg a little too hard, both cooper and the puppy seemed to understand their place in the house and i think they might actually be getting along.


cooper started to let the puppy chew on him, making sure to let the puppy know when he was playing too rough.


because really, how could you not love this face?

murphy has been getting along fine with the cats, he sniffs at them but mostly leaves them alone. he's a cuddly puppy and likes to be around us at all times. i swear he's doubled in size since saturday though, he's going to grow fast!

we were both so hesitant to make the decision to get another dog. even though it's only been a few days, we are so glad that we decided to get him. he's very sweet and playful, i think he's a good fit for us.

yeah, i think this is going to work out just fine.

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3 Responses to cuteness overload

Lauren said...

AWWWWWW! So cute!

Heather said...

OMG so cute!! Congratulations! I know it's always hard to get a new dog... but I feel that it's worth it. I really want a second dog... but we're waiting until our Buster is a little older so he can be a good influence on a puppy instead of just showing a new puppy which spots in the house are the best to pee on.

Have fun with the little one!

Melissa said...

Soooooo insanely adorable!


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