1- we decided to keep the name murphy.

2- i think he's doubled in size in the last 2 weeks.

3- he likes to bite. a lot. we're trying to work on that, but it's not going very well. anyone have any recommendations? he has plenty of toys and bones, but he still seems to prefer to chew on cooper and people.

4- he and cooper are now best friends, it's really cute. he will follow cooper all over the house, which is nice because you can usually get murphy to come to you by calling to cooper.

5- he is this close to making through the entire night without have to go out. i am impressed with this because he is only 9 weeks old. i thought it would take months to get to this point.

6- he has his first vet appointment tomorrow, we're keeping our fingers crossed that he checks out ok (and that he doesn't bite the vet!)

i also have a few kitchen updates to share, check back later!

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2 Responses to murphy

matthew said...

we should have murphy coach tongo on how to bond with his elders...

Dennis and Su said...

Love the name Murphy! Glad to hear he's doing so well with Cooper.


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