5 years

mike and i celebrated our 5 year anniversary on saturday.  it's hard to believe it's already been 5 years since we got married!  we originally thought that we'd try to go on a long weekend trip somewhere, but instead, we spent our anniversary tiling the backsplash.  and i love that about us.

we did take a break from tiling to enjoy a nice dinner on a roof top patio at a resturant in the city.  while the food was good, the staff at the restuarant really made the evening special.  mike had mentioned it was our anniversary when he made the reservation, and they treated us to a delicious dessert, and even had an anniversary card for us that was signed by most of the staff. 

after dinner, mike surprised me with the best anniversary gift ever!  he actually looked up the traditional 5 year gift (wood) and then decided to get me a (knock-off) walnut eames hang-it-all.  i so wanted the limited addition walnut hang-it-all when it came out a few years ago.  i even took mike to dwr to admire it.  we did not admire it's price.  i was so excited on saturday when i opened up the box and found this inside!  this hang-it-all is made by kirch, and it looks great!  i immediately had to hang it on the wall, so please ignore the old screw holes that i still need to patch.


and here it is in the entry way...  ugh, that door!  and the table... and the clutter...  obviously this is not a staged photo...  still lovin my light fixture though!  i think it looks great with the hang-it-all.


(i am determine to replace that horrible door with the original.  you may remember that i have the original front door, both sidelights, and 1 of the 3 transoms.  they need some repair work, but are in pretty good shape considering that they were stored in the garage for years.  the bad part is that i do not have any of the frame pieces.  i've gotten a few quotes and the cost for someone to make the frame pieces and the remaining transom pieces is so so so expensive.  i'm working on finding an affordable solution though.  someday house, i promise...) 

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3 Responses to 5 years

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Happy anniversary!!! Sounds like a pretty great weekend, actually.

(um...where did he get the knock off? I'm looking for the regular colourful one but am totally DOWN with an 'inspired by' piece :)

Katie said...

simply benches - http://www.simplybenches.com/eames-hang-alls-coat-rack-black-p27043.html

looks like they have the colorful one too!

i don't think i could ever justify the price of the regular one, and this one looks great to me!

Keira said...

Love the hang it all!! That's my kind of gift! Happy Anniversary.


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