dear west elm,

every single time i get a "new sale items!" email from you, i get all excited. you see, i really want this rug for our bedroom, but it is way expensive. so i've been patiently waiting and hoping that someday, someday you will have it on sale. and still no sale... sigh.i also like this rug from ikea, but i'm worried that it might be too light for our room. esp. since the dogs will more than likely sleep on it.

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3 Responses to dear west elm,

Andrea S. said...

ooh ooh! I saw the Ikea rug at the Ikea Coquitlam As IS section the other day for $149! I don't think it will be too light...for what its worth

Katie said...

maybe i need to see the ikea rug in person again (i saw it a few months ago)... i also need to check the size because it is smaller than the west elm rug. but the price is better!

sadly, i'm also wondering what the cats will do to the fringe on the ends :-)

Dennis and Su said...

As much as I love geometric prints, and the expensive rug is tres nice, the IKEA rug may be the best plan with your lovely big doggies. It is very pretty and may be the best plan. The cats may indeed enjoy the fringe. Mine would only play with it occasionally but I can't speak for yours. lol


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