sorry blog friends, it's been awhile since my last post and i've been trying really hard lately to post at least a few times a week...

but we have done nothing on the house. wait, i did buy and install new switch plate covers in the upstairs hallway! but i didn't take pictures. i will though, cause i looove my switch plate covers :-)

some other random happenings in my life:

- i've starting to crochet. yeah, i know... i learned how to knit in college and i was getting bored with it. so i decided to try something new and i'm making this blanket:only that blanket pattern uses expensive yarn and 20 billion colors so i'm using less expensive yarn and only 8 colors. so far it's going really well. i knit/crochet while watching tv cause i'm not very good at sitting still. don't judge.

- speaking of tv, i am in love with the tv show mad men and am sad that the season finale was last week. but i loved the finale. i cannot wait until next season. plus i really just want to move into their office/the draper house.

- 2 friends are working on planning visits to st louis (one in early december, and the other for new years) and i am super excited. but i'm also stressing trying to think of something fun to do on new years eve. any of you st louis people out there feel free to give me some suggestions.

- i am still getting up early to take the dogs for a long walk/run before work! i'm very impressed with this because i am not a morning person at all. i've been doing this for about 2 months and i actually find that i'm more awake in the mornings now. there is also a new ymca opening up close to our house next week and we've been talking about joining. so maybe soon we'll be getting some more serious work outs in!

- we decided to wait on the floors until early next year, i can't remember if i posted that on here or not. after looking at a calender we thought it would be too stressful to try to get them ordered and installed before thanksgiving and i refuse to have everything torn up for christmas. i do have a few other small house projects that i'm hoping to work in though, so maybe i'll still have some fun house posts in the next few weeks... but for now you might just have to settle for life randomness :-)

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5 Responses to randomness

Dennis and Su said...

Your switch plate covers rock!
Your blanket will be excellent!
I'm hoping to get come exercise in this Winter as well.
Random is good!

It Is Everlasting said...

We are thinking about joining the new rec plex as well! I'm hoping to catch a few free workouts during preview week. Nice job waking up early with the pups-- I love working out but early morning wake ups are my downfall...

Rachel Le said...

That's a really cool blanket. It looks really difficult, not that I know how to crochet. Or knit.

Great job doing your early walks with your dogs! In a couple months I want to try running... I've never really done it before but I found a training program that looks pretty good.

Katie said...

everlasting - i can't decide if i want to go and actually workout when it's free or not... it might be super crazy busy! i'm really excited about the pool too, it looks really nice. maybe i'll see you there!

rachel - i've been doing the couch to 5k program and i highly recommend it (esp. if you're new to running). this is the second time i've done it. google "couch to 5k" i've kind of modified it now that i'm towards the end just because of time.

Rachel Le said...

That's the one I was talking about! I'm so excited to try it!


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