earthy modern

homegoods has a new style quiz - my results were earthy modern. i get the modern part, but was surprised by the earthy... but the description kind of sounds like me. except for the drama part, i'm not sure what that means :-)

we had a busy weekend at our house - lots of errands and a movie on friday night, saturday was the game (great game by the way, go bucks! mike wasn't very happy but at least he wasn't expecting a win this year... i'm trying to be nice and not talk about it). after the game i ran some more errands, including hobby lobby to pick up some project supplies (more on that later) and to one of my favorite stores, homegoods. after being tempted by about a dozen different things, i only ended up purchasing a christmas decoration and some baskets for our bathroom - exactly what i went in there for. i was proud of myself. yesterday we spent most of the day hanging up christmas lights outside because the weather was beautiful! don't worry, we won't turn them on until after thanksgiving. i took some pictures but ran out of time to transfer them this morning. we also went to check out the new rec center that opened by our house. it is really nice but was extremely crowded because they are having a free week for their grand opening. i think we will probably join, but i'm hoping that there are a few less crazy kids running around once the memberships start :-)

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2 Responses to earthy modern

Dennis and Su said...

Mine came out "Dramatic Modern."

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog so I'm enjoying reading "backwards." I think the colors you chose for your quilt right above this post say "earthy" most definitely. So maybe that's where it came from?



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