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about a month ago i came across a st louis real state listing for a house that i just can't seem to get out of my mind. i no longer remember what i was looking for (i tend to look on real estate sites for photos of similar houses when i'm trying to figure out something in our house) but the images of this house have stuck with me.

so i emailed the realtor today, who asked the owner's permission, and now i'm sharing the pictures with you! i know nothing about the house other than what i saw on the website, but i can only hope that our own home renovations look as lovely as this. i thought that some of you might also find it inspiring. at first i thought i'd only share a few photos, but once i started uploading them i realized that i love almost every part of this house so i guess i'm sharing almost the entire house with you. i also love the way that the owners have the house decorated and the colors and interior selections throughout. anyway, enough words, here are the pictures: based on other houses that i have been in, i would assume that there was a wall between the hallway and living room, and possibly between the living room and dining room at one point. i have seen other houses that have been opened up like this, but nothing compares to this. i love how they don't try to make it look like it was original to the house, or didn't put in some weird soffit to cover a beam, but are still preserving the original details and character with their modern renovation. and the lights in the opening are way cool.
shell chair? check. the sofa i want? check.
exposed brick in the bathroom? love it. and i need that sink for our bathroom please.
i really like this kitchen, i like the mixture of dark and light cabinets, and how the wall is open to....
my favorite room in their house! if i lived here, this would be my studio.
and the other wall appears to be painted black. i really like how everything is so light and open and then contrasted with the dark wall (and i typically do not like accent walls). i wonder if it is chalkboard paint?
i wish our doors had transoms above them, the second floor seems very light and airy. this also makes me sad that we can not save our floors downstairs, look at those floors!
the built-ins with the baskets are a great use of space in the bathroom and i've always wanted a nice clawfoot tub.
and look at this backyard!! i am super jealous. you don't often see nice backyards in the city.

so there you have it, do you love it as much as i do? special thanks to the realtor and the home owner for letting me post some pictures, i know i will refer to them often as we do our own renovations. and i'm not sure who did the photography, but wow! i really need to do a better job of photographing my own house.

all images are taken from the website:

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4 Responses to renovation inspiration

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I love it!! I bookmarked the kitchen for inspiration.

Dennis and Su said...

Uber cool! I understand why you love that. Yours is closer than you think though. At least in the photos you've posted!

Sharon said...

How could someone sell that house ... it is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the pictures.

Livinia Redlips said...

Gorgeous - I cannot believe the price.


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