mirror and yard sale

i realized i never posted a photo of the mirror that my mom and i found on sale at homegoods:

it's different, but that's why i like it. i was surprised to see something so unique at homegoods. it's hanging in our entryway, the shape looks really nice with our vintage light fixture.
... and i realized that i did not take a photo with the light fixture and the mirror. i really need to put the zoom lens back on the camera. but here's an old photo of our light fixture:
and in case you are wondering, this is what our entryway table actually looks like:
and this is "clean"... those baskets are for shoes and extra bags, and also to hide the fact that we are missing a section of baseboard in that area. and of course we still have our plywood patched floor. someday we will get new floors.... meanwhile i will just try to distract guests with mirrors and lights and shiney things. we just bought that little lamp from ikea, i like to have something that we can leave on at night so that our house is not completely dark. i had a really hard time finding a small lamp that wasn't super ugly. this one is not perfect, but it does the job.

we participated in the neighborhood yard sale on saturday. the garage sale was part of our basement cleanout plan, it was nice to sell many of our unused items and clear out some space in the basement. i was even able to sell some of the light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and misc. items that we've removed from the house while doing the renovations, including this half plastic/half stained glass fruit light fixture:

mike and i had a deal - if i could make enough money at the garage sale to cover the cost of 2 hinge light sconces, i could order them for our bedroom. we did pretty well at the sale so now there are 2 sconces on their way to me! i'm excited!

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3 Responses to mirror and yard sale

Sarah said...

Love the mirror. Great find.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

The mirror is great, and I'm so glad you are getting your sconces!

Dennis and Su said...

The mirror is fantastic! It looks wonderful in your entry.

Hurrah for the sconces! They are cool.


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