do i need another one?

you all may remember a few weeks ago when i posted about how my parents had found/bought 2 white bertoia chairs for me:
the chairs are still in ohio but may be coming out this weekend if i can figure out how to fit 2 into a honda civic. anyway, last week my coworker (the one who owns several chrome bertoia chairs that i had been trying to buy for the last 2 years with no luck) finally offered to sell me his chairs. he actually has 3. i do not need 3 more chairs. i was planning on putting the 2 white chairs from my parents in our dining room, mixing them with my gray eames chairs.**

question is - should i go ahead and buy 1 of his chrome chairs for the den? he would give me a good deal on the price... i ended up putting my old dining table (small table that expands, from ikea) in the den so that i would have a larger work surface. right now i have a random old desk chair at the table. but i could replace the desk chair with a chrome bertoia.... and it could look really nice with my shelves...

maybe another question should be - how many chairs can i own before people start to wonder about me??

**why yes, 2 people do need 8 chairs at their dining room table. in my defense, trevi always seems to get his own chair. plus we have people over for dinner... sometimes.

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7 Responses to do i need another one?

Mike said...

Your husband has been wondering about your chair "habit" for some time now!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Yes, buy another chair!!

Livinia Redlips said...

I'd buy them all - so yes

Dennis and Su said...

Instead of being "the cat lady" you can be "the chair lady."

You NEED them!

(btw - we saw your chairs in person and they are v cool!)

emily said...

i have that problem, but with coffee tables :) BUY THEM!!

Carrie said...

The answer to that question is "ALWAYS". Do it.

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

Buy them for sure. You never know when you will get a great deal on Bertoia chairs, and they may not always be in production.

Chairs are so flexible and easily moved, so do it! :-)


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