- many of the projects mentioned in the last post are underway, but i don't have any pictures to show you yet. i could take a picture of what our gross basement looks like with everything piled in the corner so we can work on the other half, but no one really wants to see that. we spent a lot of our labor day weekend working on the basement.

- football started last week and i am so so excited!

- can't remember if i told you all this or not, but mike has decided to join a rugby team. he practiced all summer and they have their first game on sunday. i'm looking forward to seeing him play, but i hope that there will be someone else on the sidelines that can help me figure out what is going on. i'm also hoping that this new hobby does not cause him any injuries, he already comes home from practice with some giant bruises.

- i took my 4th architectural registration exam a few weeks ago and am waiting on the results. i'm quickly losing my motivation to keep taking exams and studying...

- mike's new job is going really well and he seems to be enjoying it so far.

- the weather has been fantastic here lately and we've been grilling out a lot. i'm hoping that this weather stays around for a little while.

anyone have big plans for the weekend? i think we're are going to try to finish up a few house projects (so i have some pictures to share!). our neighbors have also invited us over for a cookout, i'm looking forward to that. we are friendly with our neighbors and always will chat when we see them outside, but this will be the first planned thing that we do with them. i think that there are several families/houses coming, hopefully we will meet some new people!

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