that purple shirt really brings out the purple in your eye

did i mention that mike has joined a rugby team?

on saturday he had his first rugby related injury. it was the 3rd game of the season. he's been coming home from practice all summer with random bruises, and sore muscles, but saturday was the first time that i really questioned why he even wants to play rugby. i am unclear on the details (i was busy trying to understand what was even happening in the game), but i think the short version is that he tried to tackle someone with his head. next thing i know, mike's on the sidelines with a nasty looking split in his head along his eyebrow line. there was lots of blood.

after much debate, we ended up going to urgent care. we had friends visiting from out of town and i felt bad ruining their visit with an urgent care trip. i'm glad that we went though, he ended up getting 9 stitches and by the end of the night his eye was so swollen that i really don't see how the butterfly bandaids we had used to stop the bleeding would have held together.

i have a picture, but i'm just going to go ahead and assume you all would rather have a picture free blog post :-)

he's doing much better now, and the swelling has gone down enough that he can see again, but his eye is a lovely shade of purple. luckily, he was already planning on missing the game this weekend because he is running a half marathon on sunday morning. yes, he's crazy.

and he did wear a purple shirt to work yesterday. it matched his eye.

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3 Responses to that purple shirt really brings out the purple in your eye

Dennis and Su said...

Wow! Poor Mike! See? Sports are dangerous, therefore one must not play sports! (works for me anyway!)~S

Rachel Le said...

The "he tried to tackle someone with his head" part made me laugh! I hope his eye heals alright!

Wow, I wish him luck on his half marathon!! I'm supposed to run TWO 5Ks in October (not sure what I was thinking there) and am not feeling confident.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...



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