the bathroom sink

as part of our floor project, we will be replacing the laminate wood floor that is currently in the downstairs half bath with the same hardwood that we are using throughout the first floor. since we are replacing the floor, we have decided to go ahead and replace the toilet and the sink. when we moved in we painted the vanity white and replaced the hardware, but it is still dated and the faucet doesn't work very well. the toilet is actually off white and i would like a white toilet - it also doesn't work very well. as a reminder, this is what we started with:
and this is how it current looks:
yep, still haven't finished the back of the bathroom door...
sorry, it's difficult to take pictures of such a small room... we will be updated the baseboard to something more substantial when we replace the floor. we are planning on still using white painted baseboards.
the sink is in a little nook, the space is an odd size which has made finding a new sink difficult.
the mirror and lighting will also be replaced.

awhile ago, i found this sink on overstock and have been planning on using it in our bathroom remodel.
i saw this photo on another blog the other day, the sink/vanity very similar to what i had been planning to do in our bathroom. i even have a similar mirror from ikea (our mirror is currently a much lighter brown/orange stain but i would like to stain it to be darker or paint it). i really like the dark wood/white combo and this look would work well with the rest of the house. i have been using this combo in our house already to help offset all of the dark woodwork.
because the bathroom is off of the kitchen, i would like the bathroom to sort of set a standard for the future kitchen aesthetic. one big issue with the sink above is that i would still need some kind of vanity to put it on. and with the odd sized space, it would probably have to be something custom made. i have a few ideas on how to make such a vanity, but i haven't made any final decisions.

but yesterday we were at lowes, and i saw a pedestal sink that is actually the right size to fit into the space. it is not the sink in the picture below (i couldn't find an image online) but it is something similar. the top is rectangular, but the sink at lowes is even more simple.
the pros? this would be easy... as in purchased and done. the overstock sink would still require extra effort to design and make a vanity. the pedestal it is also less expensive. while this is not what i would pick for our forever house, it is a neutral/simple pedestal sink and i could probably work with it. i think i could make it look a little less traditional with a simple, more modern faucet and with the mirror and other accessories.

the cons? it is not what i originally had in mind. and as i mentioned before, i am trying to set a standard with the bathroom remodel for the future kitchen - and while the kitchen design will not be super modern by any means, i think that the pedestal is a little more traditional than what i am planning to do with the kitchen.

i am a little nervous that the overstock sink might not be something that future buyers will like. will it look dated in a few years?

am i just trying to talk myself into the pedestal because i am being lazy and i'm ready to have my house back together?

opinions please! i need help...

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4 Responses to the bathroom sink

Anonymous said...

While I do love that overstock sink, I think it may indeed "date" more quickly than the pedestal. I actually don't think that pedestal looks too traditional, and I think that the fact that it takes up less space might be good to make the small bathroom feel more open. However, this could just be my lazy side speaking (like you said- you could buy it and be done!).

emily said...

do the pedestal. I think you can make more modern with hardware and will be MUCH more reasonable to accomplish. will make the bathroom seem more airy with the open space under the sink. Since it is not the master, will not need to store much. I do this to myself too, but again, not our forever home :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

As long as you don't need a vanity for storage, I would definitely do the pedestal. They are pretty much timeless if you chose the right style! BTW - you really improved the space from the 'before'!

Livinia Redlips said...

Another vote for the pedestal - you can go mod or old school with that design - I like it.


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