instead of making christmas cookies:

we kept working on the floor! it's probably for the best since our kitchen doesn't really have a floor right now and also is serving as a holding area for the many floor tools. no one wants contstruction dust in their christmas cookies... don't let this picture trick you though, the progress ends with what you see. we have a few more boards left to install in front of the basement door before the hallways is done, and then we will finish up the entry, and end with the kitchen and half bath. we're getting there... slowly...

the picture above was taken from the entry - it is so so nice to have a continuous floor that runs from the front of the house to the back. please note that we did not install a transition at the kitchen door - we were able to get it to be level and run the floor through. this makes me happy.

in other news, we bought a sink and a toilet on sunday. most people go christmas shopping the few weeks before christmas, we go toilet shopping :-) at least i didn't let mike put the toilet under the tree! it's bad enough we now have a toilet in the entryway.

i wrote a post on sunday about the bathroom sink. we actually had a coupon for lowes that we had to use by sunday, so we went ahead and bought the toilet and the pedestal sink. all of you seemed to like the idea of the pedestal sink, and i liked the price and the fact that i wouldn't have to find/make a vanity.

i still can't find a picture of the sink online, but here is a picture of the picture on the box. yep, that's the best i can do.
it's a simple pedestal, so hopefully it will still look ok with a more modern faucet. i'm going to have to go back and rethink some of the other finishes in the room (lighting, mirror, paint, etc) but i am going to have to make some decisions pretty quickly, hopefully we will be working on the bathroom soon after the first of the year!

maybe i should put a big red bow on the toilet box. you know, since we're decorating around the construction and all.

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One Response to instead of making christmas cookies:

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

A bow on the toilet box would be sweet! ha


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