minor set back

are you tired of reading about the floors yet? cause i'm getting tired of working on them... :-)

we were super motivated to make some substantial progress on the floors over the weekend. we were able to (mostly) install the floors around the remaining 2 radiators, as well as work out some of the more complicated transition points between the dining/entry and living/hallway. the complicated part is that these two runs of flooring needed to meet up again in the hallway. we also had a lot of detail cutting to do around doorways. on sunday afternoon we were finally getting to the point where we were starting to be able to install full, uncut boards. this makes the process so much quicker... and then the air compressor broke.

the threads on the pressure regulator knob (at least that is what i've been calling it?) apparently stripped, which means that it cannot be tightened and it will not stay on the compressor tank if there is any kind of air pressure in the tank. if the knob is not on the tank, the tank will not hold air. we cannot install any flooring without the stapler/air compressor.

so now we're taking a forced break on the floor project while we wait for bostitch to send us a replacement part. luckily bostitch has been very helpful about the whole thing and are sending us the part for free, plus they put a "rush" on it since we are mid project. it is supposed to get here this week.

now we can focus on finishing up the christmas shopping and present wrapping, and i might even find some time to make some christmas cookies... anyone have a favorite cookie recipe that they'd like to share? i usually make the same kinds of cookies every year, but i think i might try a few new ones this year!

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2 Responses to minor set back

Anonymous said...

Yah, maybe this is the universe's way of forcing you to do Christmas-y stuff and enjoy yourself. :-)

I love these simple jam thumbprint cookies. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Raspberry-and-Almond-Shortbread-Thumbprints/Detail.aspx The glaze is optional, if you don't want to get into it. Have fun!

Katie said...

the thumbprint cookies sound really good and the recipe looks nice and simple (which is what i need right now!) thanks!


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