minor set back part 2

in addition to our air compressor issue, we ran into another small problem a few weeks ago when installing the floor around the radiator. we were working in the kitchen, and for some reason, we could not get the flooring to slide under the radiator - something was in the way. it is difficult to see under/behind the radiators, but after several mins of trying to reach the object, we determined it was made of metal. and after several more minutes, we decided it was a kitchen knife. it must have fallen behind the radiator at some point and was completely wedged between the radiator, the floor, and the wall. i will not admit to how long we worked on getting the knife out... we could have just left it alone but we would have had to notch the new floor to fit around it. it became almost silly really, we were determine to get it out. finally, success!
i wonder how long it's been there?

and while i'm writing about small things that have taken way to much time in the floor project, let me give you an update on the air compressor. as promised, the part arrived from bostitch mid week. but, it was not as simple as unscrewing the old knob and replacing with the new. we actually had to take the compressor apart to install the new knob. this would have not been a big deal except that we could not figure out how to get the cover off. we ended up having to buy a special socket wrench extender. then, once the cover was off, we still had to take a lot of it apart just to access the piece that needed to be replaced. this required more special tools and a lot of muscle. it took us half a day and many trips to lowes, but we got it working again.

and lastly, here is the other thing that is taking time away from the project: reese.
reese has decided that he does not like the amount of time we've been spending on the floors. he wants attention. he's been super needy lately and will try to sit in your lap whenever you are on the floor - which is often when installing new floors. so of course you have to take a break to play with him for a little while.
it's ok though, he's super cute so i will forgive him.

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One Response to minor set back part 2

hiphousegirl said...

That's hilarious! Except not, because it took so much time. The dog sitting on your laps while you're trying to work is too cute.

I, too, once found a surprise knife hiding. http://hiphousegirl.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/another-hidden-treasure/


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