and the bathroom

we finished the half bath the same day we finished the floors. we still need to get some other accessories, but i'm not really sure what i want so i'm just going to wait and see what i find. keep in mind, this bathroom was bright yellow when we moved in: (picture with previous owner's stuff)

after we moved in we painted the baseboards white, painted the vanity and replaced the hardware, and painted the walls light green.
we also started removing the yellow paint from the back of the door, but ended up hanging the door back up before we completed that project.
we can't forget about the lovely built-in medicine cabinet complete with lights.

the floors in the photo above don't look all that bad, but they were cheap laminate and we wanted to replace them with the same solid hardwood we used in the rest of the house. and since we would need to remove the toilet to replace the floor, we thought that we might as well replace the toilet with a new one (old toilet didn't work very well, and it wasn't white). and if we replaced the toilet, we should probably replace the vanity, and the lights... you know how these things go.

i kind of took a risk with this bathroom, but i am very pleased with how it turned out. like the rest of our projects, i wanted something that complimented the age of our house, but i also wanted something that was a more modern. the dark color might not be for everyone, but i really like it. i think the dark gray is a nice compliment to the (now darker) woodwork, as well as all of the white in the room.
and we finally finished the door! this is a difficult space to take pictures of, sorry that these are so awkward!
i wanted to get a few pictures including the new light fixtures but that didn't really work when the fixtures were turned on. i'm really happy i decided to go with the black fixtures, they are a little unexpected, but i think that's a big reason why i like them so much.
we replaced the vanity with a new pedestal sink that fits perfectly in the sink nook and got a nice simple faucet. we couldn't find a mirror that fit the measurements of the space that we had, so we had this mirror cut to size and made a frame for it.
now we can check one more room off of the "really finished" list. we have several that are still on the "slightly renovated in order to tolerate living here, but still in need of a real renovation someday" list.

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8 Responses to and the bathroom

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow, it is just gorgeous! I wouldn't do anything different. Except I wouldn't have thought to do the black fixtures - it's wonderful.

Dennis and Su said...

I would never have thought to put such a dark color in such a small room, but I love it! V cool! The black light fixture is so unusual. Nice!

Rachel Le said...

It looks really beautiful!

I'm super curious about that print on the wall... it looks entertaining :)

Nette said...

Very nice! Quite a dramatic change. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures can do, isn't it? Our reno is nowhere near this stage -- we don't even have walls around our bathroom -- but I can't wait to get to the point of picking out finishes and colours! You did an amazing job.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Livinia Redlips said...

Looks AWESOME. Love the paint color too.

hiphousegirl said...

Again- I'm blown away! I did a dark gray (almost black) in my teeny bathroom too. I later painted it a lighter gray, but then I kind of missed the dark. I think it's perfect for your space.

Super impressed with the door and the mirror, too!

Lynett said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous! Nice job!

InteriorGroupie said...

Wow - what a difference paint can make. Love the darker colour (I think 1/2 baths are a great place to take risks!). You did a great job...and such a reasonable budget. Congratulations!


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