i blame the refrigerator

so the bathroom is done (except for the mirror, which we are in the progress of making, more on that later). but, i was being ambitious over the weekend and as soon as we complete the touch-up painting in the bathroom, i wanted to finish up with the floors in the kitchen. so we moved the fridge and the stove... directly in front of the bathroom door. we can still kind of access the bathroom if we squeeze behind the fridge, but i cannot take any pictures for you all just yet. woops. and, we had to do some floor leveling under the fridge prior to installing the new floor, so it will probably be another week before the floor is done. nothing is ever easy.

now that the fridge is out of the way, i think it might be time for another wall/window exploration... mike is less than excited about putting a hole in the wall, but i'd really like to figure out what is going on with the window behind the fridge (it is covered with drywall, but seems to be in good shape from the outside). plus based on my most recent discovery during the bathroom demo, it appears we might have some additional space in the wall that we could use in the future kitchen remodel. it would be nice to know that before starting any planning. and the fridge will be going back in the same spot for now, so it's not like you'll ever see the hole in the wall...

mike does have rugby practice tonight, i can't make any promises about what may or may not happen to the wall behind the fridge when he's gone.

kidding... kind of.

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3 Responses to i blame the refrigerator

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Woohoo! I love demolition when the man is away....ha!

Rachel Le said...

I... really don't think you're kidding ;)

Dennis and Su said...

...so? Did you? Do tell!


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