done with the bathroom floor

we also installed the new baseboards, we just need to do the final coat of paint.
and installed the toilet! (we also installed the tank, i just forgot to take another picture)
we tried to install the sink but could not get it to sit level. we determined that the sink was not manufactured correctly. we exchanged it yesterday and the second sink appears to be much better. we ran into a few issues with plumbing the sink last night, but hopefully we can finish that up this week after we get some more supplies. we also decided to go ahead and refinish the bathroom door (it was painted yellow, we started striping it a couple of years ago but ended up hanging it back up without finishing it because we were having people over and needed a bathroom door). so now we have a working toilet, but no sink and no door. i'm still considering this to be significant progress though!

the last section of flooring we have to install is the portion that is under the fridge and stove. i guess that next weekend we'll be moving the appliances, we're so close!

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3 Responses to done with the bathroom floor

H HoopThiel said...

You guys rock! The bathroom and the floor look wonderful. I know you're eager to get it all done, but surely the process has been worthwhile too? We miss you guys!

Dennis and Su said...

Really looks great!

Carolyn said...

I love your bathroom! Looks great!
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