behind the wall


guess what i found? a window! ha, well, i already knew there was a window behind the fridge, but i had no idea what kind of condition the window was in.
(photo looking up)

the window has frosted glass and appears to be in great shape. surprisingly, the woodwork around the window is intact. none of the other doors or window in our kitchen have any type of frame so I was not expecting that.

(photo looking to the left)

unfortunately, it also looks like the wall was only recessed in the area around the window. so while it will be nice to have some extra space around the window, we won't really be able to gain any additional usable space in the kitchen. i have no idea why the wall would bump out in that location, but it looks like it's been there for a while so maybe i should just leave it alone...

meanwhile, while we were working on the house all day saturday, this is what was happening outside:
it should be noted that it was in the 80's in st louis last sunday-tuesday. and then we got 4" of snow on saturday. we've had some strange weather lately.

at least the neighbor kids got to build one last snowman.

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2 Responses to behind the wall

Dennis and Su said...

We knew you couldn't resist! What did Mike say?

The snow is so pretty but here's hoping it's the last snow till Winter!

Katie said...

he just laughed at me and went along with it :-) i fixed it before moving the fridge back. well, i taped the piece of drywall back over the hole, so i half fixed it.


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