craigslist find!

Remember when I said I wanted a pair of chairs like this for the living room, but that I wanted to find vintage chairs, not new?:

Guess what I found on Craigslist earlier this week and purchased last night?
The photos are from the listing. He only had one of them, but was selling it for so cheap I thought I'd go ahead and get it. It's kind of falling apart... It doesn't have cushions, one of the seat straps is broken, and I think just about every piece comes apart. It's nothing that some new seat straps and wood glue won't fix though! And it has no finish on it so I can stain it whatever I want. I think darker like the first photo would be nice. Cushions shouldn't be difficult either... even I might be able to handle that. Now I just need to find the time :-)Here's another picture of very similar chairs, I just really like the style and I am excited that I found one for so cheap!

The bad news is that after we brought it home I realized that the scale is wrong for the living room. It's just too short and looks funny with our current overstuffed green couch. I tried to tell Mike we should just get a new couch but that didn't work out so well ;-) I'm thinking I might put it in the corner of the dining room instead, where it could easily be pulled into the living room for extra seating when needed. I think that a slightly larger scale, upholstered pair of chairs would look better in the living room. Who knows though, once this one is fixed up and has cushions, I might change my mind.

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2 Responses to craigslist find!

Dennis and Sue said...

Awesome find! I love it! You can absolutely tuck it in a corner and pull it out as needed.

I'll try to remember to send you a photo of our vintage library furniture as soon as I get new batteries for the camera!

Rachel said...

Yay for bargains!!

Hey, you could get that awesome fabric from Ikea (the one with leaves and stuff... you know...) and make cushions out of that! Haha ;)


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