counters today!

it's finally counter installation day... which also means we should have a fully functioning kitchen sink within a few days!

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2 Responses to counters today!

Aja said...

AH! I just read your entire blog from start to present, and I am SO disappointed now... I was enjoying the quick progression of everything, and now I feel anxiety about your counters and their installation! So weird I just came to know you over 2+ years. I even know your dogs now! I'm a vet tech, and I always was diagnosing Reese through the blog, and it was so so sad when he passed away, I'm very sorry for that.
I am so impressed with the home you chose, and I am jealous! I was wondering if you would let me know how much you paid for the home originally.
I found your blog while browsing sites because we are about to embark on a "fixer-upper" in the historical Phoenix area. I feel so inspired and encouraged by the hard work you have put into everything! Fabulous job, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Aja said...
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