part 3...

i'd like to be able to tell you that we have our counters installed... but we do not. they were able to get the 2 remaining slabs from the same bundle that we have, but now things seem to be moving slowly. i went last weekend and looked at the 2 options. neither one is perfect (not as light as the piece that we have that is broken), but i think we can make one of them work. i go back and forth on my feelings about the fabricator that we're using. some days i feel like they actually are making an effort to make this right, and to speed up the process, and other days, not so much. lately i've just been having issues reaching their customer service rep and i feel that we are losing days because of this. while there is some finish work that we could be doing on the cabinets, waiting on the counters is holding up many other things in our kitchen project. i'm hoping to hear from them today with an update.

mike did win tickets to a cards game last week, we had a great time watching them play.

hope you all had a nice weekend, i know that ours wasn't long enough!

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One Response to part 3...

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

We've been having nothing but problems with our granite guy, too...we have dull spots and metallic marks all over our counter. Drives me crazy!


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