keeping it real: part 2

i thought i'd come back and give you the update from last week's post.

the counter installers left the counters at our house, which has been nice because we have been able to use our kitchen again. we're in the process of putting everything back together, but i thought you'd at least like to see some pictures, even if they are blurry iphone pictures...

if we can find a matching slab, this long counter and the little counter between the stove and the fridge will stay. there is nothing wrong with these pieces, but i didn't want these pieces to be attached until we can make sure that we are going to get a matching piece for the new sink portion. otherwise, i have asked the counter place to re-cut all 3 pieces so that they match.

the sink slab is the piece the broke. you can't see from the photo, but there is a large crack in front of the sink opening, and it carries through to the area behind the sink. last week they came back out and temporarily installed the sink in this broken piece, so we were able to hook up our dishwasher and faucet. i have never been so excited to do dishes!

the counter company also called me at the end of the day on friday to inform me that they had located 2 slabs from the same bundle that our slab came from. but the 2 slabs were out of state. they are in the process of having those pieces brought to st louis for us to review, they should be here by the end of this week. i'm hoping that one of them will be a good match.

meanwhile, i have been fighting another battle with the counter company. do you see the rounded inside corner in the photo above? i had asked for all square corners, edges, etc. i think at one point i even said "if you have a question about the finishing, the answer is going to be as square and minimal as possible". so i was surprised when the counters arrived at our house and there was this rounded corner. i asked them to fix this when they remake this piece, but they keep telling me that it is not possible due to their machines. the installer that came out to put in the sink said that he thought it could be done by hand, so now i'm hoping that he'll talk to the headquarters and get this worked out. the other solution is the put a seam in the corner, but that is not ideal either.

while i am disappointed that we have to re-make on of the counter pieces, i am very happy with our choice in the super white as a counter material. the counter company is also back on my good side now that they've come up with a few solutions to try to fix this problem.

our replacement range hood also arrived on friday, and appears to be in good shape. and, i called to check on the status of our microwave and i think it's in the st louis area, just waiting to be sorted so that we can go pick it up.

and because every post is better with puppy pictures, here's a recent one of murphy and cooper. murph is still loving people and/or cooper. he's funny - he'll play for a while, but as soon as he's ready to rest, he'll find cooper and practically sit on top of him. he looks really big in the photo above, but he's not as big as cooper yet. he's still mostly legs and is a skinny dog. he's been a great puppy.

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2 Responses to keeping it real: part 2

Melissa said...

Love that stone! It will be gorgeous when it's all fixed.

And make them fix that corner! Somehow I don't believe that their machine can't cut a simple corner, and if so, they should have told you ahead of time. My two cents :) Good luck!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

It's very pretty! I can't understand why they couldn't do a squared off inside corner though? Too weird.


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