keeping it real

just in case you thought our kitchen project was progressing smoothly, here's how the last few days have gone.

the range hood: on saturday we took the range hood (that has been sitting in our dining room for over a month), fully out of the box. i had opened the box when it first arrived. it appeared to be packed well, and the front looked good. i should have known better and taken it out of the box then, because we discovered a dent on the side. so back in the box it went, back to costco, and now we're looking at another couple of weeks before we can get the replacement range hood.

the microwave: we ordered our microwave online 2 months ago. yep, still waiting on that to arrive. when we ordered it we were told it could take a little while to get in, but i didn't think it would be over 2 months. it's just a small microwave, nothing fancy or special.

the counters: oh the counters.... installation was schedule for monday. if you've been following along, you know that we went through several shipments of superwhite until we found the perfect slab. i drove 45 miles away to the fabrication warehouse to do the slab layout. and we waiting (impatiently) for 2 weeks while the counters were fabricated. and then, during installation, the biggest piece by the sink broke. it was horrible... i saw it happen, it cracked when they were carrying it in. it was an accident (nothing the installers did wrong), and i am glad that no one was hurt and that nothing was damaged. so what does this mean? well, they are looking for another slab so they can re-cut the broken piece. yesterday they sent me a picture of the one and only slab of superwhite that is in the area, and it looks nothing like our slab. so they are still looking. the positive in all of this is that they left the broken slab at our house, and are actually going to come back out tomorrow to temporarily install our sink so that we can have semi-functioning kitchen while we continue to try to find a new slab.

so that's the update for now, and the reason why i haven't shared counter photos yet. don't worry though, we've been keeping busy while waiting for these issues to be resolved, there is still plenty of work left to do on the kitchen!

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3 Responses to keeping it real

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Ugh, it seems that unless you want builder basic granite that is available anywhere, getting a slab you like is a total pain! We waited for over a month for our counter slabs. What a huge pain.

Melissa said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about all your trials! Stay positive and I have no doubt you will love it in the end....whenever that may be!

Dennis and Su said...

That's horrible!! I was afraid that would happen to us but, thankfully, didn't. Hope you can find another as nice as the original. *sad face*


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