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I've had the floor plan for the house on my computer (at work) for awhile now, but I keep forgetting to post it on the blog. Since it's a slow day at work, I might as well do that now. Plus we haven't done anything on the house this week, Mike and I have both been sick with this cold that just won't go away. He's just now starting to feel better, and he's been sick about a week longer than me. Ugh. Anyway, here's the first floor plan:

Sorry about the size of the images, I've been struggling with the format of blogger lately, I don't like how it gives you set sizes for images and text. But hopefully you can still kind of figure out what is going on. The furniture that is drawn in represents basically what we have now, with a couple of things that I dashed in that I'd like to get (like a rug for the dining room). The second couch in the dining room is the one that we'll probably sell since it doesn't really fit anywhere. I also took out the weird built-in kitchen table thing since we'll hopefully be removing that soon. Overall I like the layout of the rooms on the first floor, having the dining room and living room open to each other makes it seem bigger. At first I thought that I might want to try to open the kitchen up somehow to the living room, but after seeing that done in some other houses with similar floor plans as ours, I think I actually prefer it the way it is. When we redo the whole kitchen, we will make a new layout since it's not really working now with the covered window and the fridge right by the bathroom door. We've also removed two doors - one between the entry and the hallway, and then the one that was between the hallway and the living room. We left the door frames as is, but not having the actual door there has also helped to open things up. Plus, the door in the living room kept blocking some of the built-in.
This is the second floor with our plan for the furniture layout. Right now our bedroom is the only room with set furniture in it, the rest of the furniture is in the den room, and all of the boxes are in the guest room. I never actually measured this out like I did downstairs, so I could be off a little on the dimensions (the bathroom looks a little funny), but it's pretty close. We'd like to set up the den with some kind of comfy chair or smaller couch, the small tv, and probably our old table. I think that this will be a great room that I can do some work in, I tend to take over spaces when working on projects so it will be nice to have a space where I can set up the sewing machine or whatever it is that I'm doing, and not feel like I'm in the way. I'd like to get a bed for the guest room, it's nice that we have enough space to have a dedicated guest room. And we'd still have one room left over to use as our office, with the computer and some of our books.
This weekend we'd like to get a good start on the kitchen, we have a lot of wallpaper to remove though and so far it has not been going very quickly. We also want to try to paint the other 3 (ambitious!) radiators downstairs. The spray paint dust gets everywhere and we need to paint the kitchen radiator anyway, so we thought we'd try to go ahead and do the other 2 at the same time. Hopefully I'll have a lot to update after the weekend.

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One Response to floor plan

Dennis and Sue said...

So glad you posted the floor plan. Between that and the photos, we have a really good "feel" for your home. Very nice.

Hope you and Mike feel better soon! We've had it as well. Nearly well now. There is hope!


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