labor day's labor

After taking Saturday and Sunday off to visit the family, we spent all day working on the bathroom. We've decided that we're going to have a local glass repair place fix the windows. We removed both of the window sashes and will clean them up to take them to the glass place this week. Then, we had to cut back the drywall and remove the 2x4 in front of the window, and up by the ceiling. We also decided to add some extra foam insulation while we had the wall open.

Thanks Grandpa for letting us use the Sawzall!

We found this when we removed the 2x4, it was folded up and used as a shim. I have no idea when people still had wringer washers, but I'm guessing that the window was closed up around that time? If anyone knows about when that would be, let me know! Next we removed the gross glass shower doors. It wasn't that difficult to remove the doors, but it took forever to get all of the caulk and adhesive off the tiles and tub. The bathroom is looking better already!

We spent a lot of time at Lowes today, so hopefully we have most of what we need to finish up the bathroom. We'd like to be mostly finished by the end of next weekend b/c we have friends visiting in 2 weeks.
We also got some new curtains for our bedroom, hopefully we'll get those up soon too!

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