new favorite room in the house...

My new favorite room in the house is the upstairs bathroom! It was a very busy week with a few late nights, but we finished the bathroom yesterday afternoon. It's a small bathroom, but it took a lot of work! We also ended up doing a little more than what we had originally planned, but we are really happy with how it turned out. It's definitely something that we can live with for awhile. Here's a recap of what we did:

- removed the drywall in front of the window
- replaced the broken glass in the window and rebuilt the window frame around the window
- removed the glass shower doors and put up a curtain rod
- removed the wallpaper, patched the walls, primed and painting the bathroom light gray (twice, the first gray was too light, we ended up repainting it all yesterday morning)
- painted all woodwork and the vanity white
- took out the medicine cabinet, patched the hole, put up a new mirror
- replaced the light fixture
- took the door off the linen closet and painted the interior
- all new hardware including vanity hardware, towel hooks, and toilet paper holder

And because I like before/after pictures, here's the before (with the previous owners stuff):And the after!:

It's difficult to take pictures because the room is so small, but it doesn't even look like the same bathroom. I decided to paint the back of the linen closet the same blue as the tub and shower tiles since we couldn't really change that. I think it does a great job of pulling it all together without having an overly blue bathroom. The white shower curtain instead of the glass doors also helps to hide some of the blue. Having the window and removing the door from the linen closet has made the room seem bigger. I haven't unpacked bathroom stuff yet, but hopefully I can keep it all organized in the baskets.... I'll try to take a few more picture later, but I wanted to get something posted since I know that you all have been wondering how it turned out :-)

We had a great weekend with our friends Jessica and Patrick, we went to the Journey concert last night (don't stop believin!) and had a fun day of shopping and watching football today. I think that we might take a break from working on the house this week. We're starting on the kitchen next and that's going to be a big project. Maybe we'll get started next weekend...

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4 Responses to new favorite room in the house...

Dennis and Sue said...

Wow!! Looks great! We especially like the "new" window and the open shelves. What an improvement! I'm sure it seems bigger now as well. How could anybody cover up a window!?

Katie said...

thanks! i think the window is my favorite part, but maybe that's just because it was also the most difficult part, hehe. i don't know why someone would think it was a good idea to cover up a window... we have two more that are covered up though - one in the kitchen behind the fridge and a small transom window above the backdoor. strange.

Rachel said...

You're right- it doesn't look like the same bathroom! Matching the back wall of the linen closet works really well. The window really does make the biggest difference though! Everything looks fantastic :)

ROXY said...

oooh I love your open linen closet!! I'm dying to try that in mine but I don't know if I could be that neat:) Thanks for sharing and the inspiration:)


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