window is finished!

Ha! So we finally finished sanding, painting, and installing the new window last night in the bathroom. It looks great! But, I'm not going to show you a picture yet... why? Well, I might have forgotten to take a picture last night after working all day... and, I think that maybe I'll just wait and post a real "after" photo once we patch/paint/clean the rest of the bathroom. We're still hoping to get that all done by the weekend cause we have visitors coming! Don't worry though, I still have some fun pictures of other projects we've been working on.

two things in the bedroom disappeared this weekend - the blue radiator and the window treatments.

First up, the radiator. Mike worked on painting this while I attempted to sand the new window frame in the bathroom... we won't mention how I sanded for 2 hours and felt like I was getting no where... and then Mike took over and had it almost done in a 1/2 hour. Nope, not going to mention that. Anyway, here's the blue "before" radiator.

And the lovely now white radiator! Apparently 5 cans of spray paint is the magic number on these things. And with the high heat spray paint being around $5 a can, I think we'll just have to continue to do them one at a time. But, now we have 2 done, just 6 more to go!

And, the new curtains!! Yeah!!! I heart them. I actually found them in Columbus the other weekend while shopping with Mom, but they only had 2 of the blue panels in stock. They said they'd ship the other 2 to me, and sure enough, they came on Friday. I know they are a little long, but they might stay that way, at least for a little while. We had the hardest time getting the new curtain rods installed, I wanted them to be as close to the ceiling as possible, and extend the whole width of the window seat.

It's a double curtain rod with nice white shear panels underneath. I'll have to take a better picture of the actual curtain rods/hardware, I really like them.

Here's what they look like open, I think they make the windows look even bigger. And I love how the blue color is just a few shades darker than the wall color. Someday soon hopefully we'll get some of the other accessories and pictures unpacked, right now everything is very blue. Please ignore all of the tools, etc. sitting around the room :-)

I know that I said no more bathroom pictures until it's finished, but I will share this one. We decided to install our new light fixture last night. Things were going really well, until we went to put the glass globes on. They wouldn't go on because the medicine cabinet stuck out too far. Our solution? Just rip the medicine cabinet right out of the wall. We were thinking of getting a new mirror anyway... Hopefully people at work aren't looking too closely at my hair/make-up, the lack of mirror made getting ready this morning a little difficult.

it works!

And now, proof that the cats really do like each other. Trevi looks mad that I saw him being nice to Eze:
That's all for now, look for a more detailed post about the bathroom hopefully later this week!

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One Response to window is finished!

Dennis and Sue said...

The window really looks great! The curtain fabric is beautiful! They look good all long and "flowy!"


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