No house updates this week, I had a very busy week at work and Mike came down with a cold, so we didn't work on the house in the evenings like we normally do. Yesterday our street had a big yard sale, we spent the morning wandering around yard sales (a good excuse to get a closer look at the houses and see all of the backyards!) and eating good food at the neighborhood church's cookout. I ended up buying a few books and Mike got some Michigan golf balls. I thought about getting a set of 4 chairs for our table, but I didn't love them, just kind of liked them, so I decided to pass.

Yesterday we also went to my company's summer picnic and then to a house warming party for some of our friends. Our friends actually started looking at houses a little while after we did (using the same realtor since we were having such a great experience with him) and they bought/moved in to their house about a month after we did. So they've been there for about a month. Last night was the first time we'd seen their house, and it's so nice! And it was just about move-in ready, so while we're still living out of boxes, they have all of their furniture arranged, boxes unpacked, and pictures on their walls. Funny story though, they somehow bought their house without ever seeing the upstairs bathroom, which is the only full bath. I don't know how that happened, but it turned out that the bathroom was the room that did seem need some work. So they reglazed the tub and put in all new tile in the shower and it looks great! I will say that Mike and I left a little jealous of the fact that their house was so nice and livable. We do really enjoying fixing our house up, but some days I wish I could just walk into the kitchen a fix something good for dinner instead of just throwing something into the microwave :-) It is good motivation to get projects done though!

Another (now) funny story - on our way home from the party we were talking about some of our upcoming projects (which include the kitchen) and we were talking about how we needed to get a new door knob and dead bolt for our back door. Right now you can't lock/unlock the door from the outside and the knob is very hard to lock from the inside... it just makes me nervous that sometime we'll think it's shut and locked and it won't be. Anyway, we get home last night at midnight and quickly realize that we're locked out of our house! I had locked the front screen door earlier because we had the front door open to let air in, and when we left we went out the back door, forgetting to unlock the screen... I won't tell you how we eventually got into the house, but I will say that trying to find a way in did make me feel much better about how secure our house is!

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