furniture find

look what i found...
it came as part of a set with a matching smaller dresser (with 3 drawers) and a small nightstand. we went to look at it last night and it all ended up coming home with us! by the way, that was probably the best and easiest craiglist transaction so far! this picture is from the craiglist post, i'll post some more pictures once i get everything cleaned up and in place!

extra points if you guess what i'm going to do with it :-) i'll give you a hint - the piece pictured is not going in a bedroom.

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3 Responses to furniture find

Dennis and Su said...

I am jealous! (yet again)

Look at our blog for my latest acquisition!

Rachel Le said...

I'm going to guess a buffet.

Dennis and Su said...

It actually looks more like a credenza than a bureau to us. Will you be using it that way?


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