the hallway

funny how the smallest space seems to be taking so much time...

mike patched and sanded the walls and the ceilings. i remembered how much i hate drywall dust and how it goes everywhere.

we primed the walls, we only had oil based primer and were too lazy to go buy a whole new gallon of primer for such a small area, so now our house smells cause it's too cold to open the windows :-)

hopefully the walls and ceiling will be painted this week and i can finally post some after pictures!

we did have a great weekend though - dinner out with friends on friday, people over to watch the cardinals game on saturday, and mike's kickball game yesterday. we also went to the farmers market on saturday morning, complete with a stop by starbucks first for a pumpkin spice latte (my favorite) and then fresh homemade donuts at the market. yum!

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