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this picture of our room is right after painting - we have painted this room twice, the first attempt was too light and was more baby blue. this color is silver sage from restoration hardware and we both really like it, and like how the curtains sort of blend in with the walls. we had the floors refinished, and then we just moved some random furniture in... and now it's a about 8 months later and this is the most recent picture i have.

i realized that i've written very little about our bedroom on this blog... and that's mostly because it's been kind of a disaster. we were only able to fit one dresser in our room instead of the armoire and dresser that we had in our last apartment. our closet space, while great for an old house, did not make up for the lack of armoire storage. over the last few months we have slowly been working on organizing our room, starting with organizing the closets, and more recently, by adding another smaller dresser and nightstand with drawers from craigslist. by the way, the suggestion of shellac on the interior of the dresser and drawers was a great one and the smoke smell is pretty much gone now. thanks!!

i can officially say that all of our clothes are unpacked, organized, and put away. it's way more exciting to me than it should be

so now i've moved on to the fun part - hanging art, decorating, and making the room feel uncluttered and just calm. finally.

starting with... the bed. i really want a bed. an actual bed with a headboard and bedframe that's not made out of metal. i've had my eye on the tate bed from crate and barrel for forever, but the price tag is just too much for us.besides, i would never pay that much for something that i think i could somehow make. i think that i could construct something similar using my upholstery skills and some basic wood frame construction. i'm completely confident with the headboard, but not as much with the upholstered bedframe... but i'm willing to give it a try.

i've also thought of a couple of other options. the first being to buy a wooden bedframe (or again, make something, but i've found some pretty inexpensive bedframes, the one below is from west elm and is sold separately from the headboard) and then add my own upholstered headboard.

or, make a fitted bedskirt to match the upholstered headboard? below is an example, i would not make our headboard that tall though.
any thoughts/advice/opinions? what do you like best? has anyone made a headboard and/or bed? i go back and forth... all i know for sure is that i want an upholstered headboard with buttons. the last bedskirt option seems easiest and we could probably do it rather quickly. the top option with the all upholstery frame would be the most complicated but it is what i was first drawn to... the wooden legs could also be nice because our dogs do sleep right beside the bed and i'm kind of worried about always having to wash a bedskirt (which is what we do now) or use a lint roller on an upholstered frame to remove pet fur.

i can't decide. help... am i crazy to even think about making a bedframe?

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3 Responses to our room

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I like the idea of making your own headboard, but just getting a frame off of Craigslist. I think that you could make a frame, but it would probably cost you as much as a cheap used one. I think a headboard with a matching skirt would give you the look you're going for!

Dennis and Su said...

I am also thinking of making an upholstered headboard for in our Guest room. (aka Rachel's room)

For our bedroom I'd like a platform bed but we have a pillow top mattress and they aren't made to go on a platform. We have a beautiful headboard, which Dennis made, but our current "foundation" is from our old water bed and thus has a bedskirt to cover it. I hate bedskirts!

carrie said...

I'm in the process of making our upholstered headboard. The thick diamond tufting is taking a little more pre-planning than I originally thought. I also just made a bedskirt (like in your last picture). Directions are on my blog, if you're interested. I like the bedskirt because I don't like to tuck the comforter in. Why have a bed frame if it's just going to be covered by the comforter?

I like bed frames though and agree you could find a cheap one on The List. It might be easier to upholster something 2nd hand than make it from scratch. GL!!


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