our weekend

we (and by we, i mean i) finally finished removing the wallpaper in the hallway. for something that i thought would take maybe an hour, i was not ok with the 3 weekends that it ended up taking.
now on to patching the walls and painting! maybe next weekend we'll be done with this project?? at least it already looks bigger and brighter without the dark pink wallpaper!

last night we went and picked up our ebay chair. it is much larger in person than i thought it would be, but i think it looks great in our guest room. i'm even loving the yellow/orange color with our dark blue walls. mike said the color was "marigold" and i think that's probably a pretty accurate description. we will need to reupholster it eventually (the cushion in the seat is broken down) but it is completely usable for now. meanwhile, i will keep an eye out for some new fabric. and hopefully a few other accessories for the room...

i also started a major closet/clothes/dresser/shoes organization project. right now our entire living room is covered with piles of my clothes as i sort through them all. plus i need to wash almost everything because it was stored in plastic bags for so long. i'm not going to show you a picture of that though, it's kind of embarrassing how unorganized i was! lets just put it this way... we moved in over a year ago and i still had probably 2/3rds of my clothes that had not been unpacked. yikes.

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5 Responses to our weekend

carrie said...

Love the chair!

We moved in Sept 19th and are waiting for the annual Elfa sale to do our closet. We're going to be living out of the wardrobe boxes & plastic bins until January!!

Katie said...

carrie - good luck with the elfa sale! that was our plan last year also... until we actually priced it out. i would love to have those closet organizers (we even looked at other systems to save $$, but we couldn't find anything that even began to compare to elfa) but i think it will be a few years with so many other projects that need to be done first.

Dennis and Su said...

The hall absolutely looks bigger and brighter. What color will you paint it? Dark pink might be nice! ;)

Love the chair!! I'd love to have some stuff like that. I even heart the marigold color.

(The word verification is "resse" which made me think of Reese. How is the dear pup?)

Katie said...

no more pink!! ;-)

i think we will paint it the same antique white that is downstairs and in the entry - then when we get to painting above the stairs we will do the same color and it will all match.

yeah, the chair looked much more yellow in the pictures online, i am really happy with how the color actually looks in the room.

reese is doing really well, thanks for asking! he's back to his normal self, we've even starting running and he runs faster than me!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Wallpaper is such a pain to remove, but good for you!
Also, I'm loving that chair that you scored :).


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