thanksgiving recap

mike and i left last wednesday to drive to columbus for thanksgiving. luckily traffic wasn't all that bad and we got in early enough to have a nice dinner with his parents. thursday was packed full of family time, with a big lunch with my dad's family at my parents' house
followed by a big dinner with mike's family
so much good food!!

friday my mom and i did some shopping (we don't even leave the house until late morning, we are not part of that crazy black friday shoppers group). on saturday we were pretty lazy in the morning and early afternoon, and then helped my mom and dad make a headboard for their guest room. i'll have to get some pictures, it turned out great! and it was good practice for when we make our own headboard.

sunday we drove back to st louis and made record time with just under 6 1/2 hours... with all that time in the car, i was able to get a large portion of my blanket done. here it is all planned out, ready to be put together:
i'm almost done, i'll make sure to post another picture. i really like how it's turning out, the pattern looks a little more modern to me than typical crochet patterns. it hasn't taken me all that long either, maybe a couple of months? i mostly just work on it while watching tv. plus i saw a very similar looking blanket at anthropologie (love that store!) on friday, and it was priced over $300!

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One Response to thanksgiving recap

Dennis and Su said...

The food and table decor looked wonderful.

Wow! Fantastic headway on your blanket. I love it!


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