the great switch plate debate

So previous owner really liked her decorative switch plates. I don't think any of the light switch covers in the house matched... which is fun if we liked her decorating style, but as you've probably picked up on by now, our styles are just a little different... hehe. I should take a picture to show you the wide variety of switch plate options just in our house! Although, I think we may have thrown some of them away already.

Anyway, after paining the living room and dining room, we realized we needed new light switch plates. The outlet plates are fine b/c most of the outlets are located along the baseboards and just have dark matching plates on them. Hardly noticeable, not worth changing out. So we went of to Lowes to get some light switch plates. 66 cents later, we were the proud owners of 3 brand new white plastic light switch plates. Cheapest house purchase yet! They match, they are white and clean looking... and just so boring. And they look so cheap next to all of the other finishes in our house. Then, while at the mall over the weekend, I spied these at Restoration Hardware. Can you fall in love with a light switch cover???

I think I need them. So what if we could buy enough plastic plates for the whole house (and probably the neighbors house) for the same price as just one of these? Most of the rooms only have one light switch... Maybe if I only buy one at a time, it wouldn't seem so bad :-)

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One Response to the great switch plate debate

Dennis and Sue said...

Good choice. I would fall for those as well.


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