diy headboard

as i mentioned in my thanksgiving post, mike and i helped my parents make a headboard for their guest room when we were in columbus for thanksgiving. mom sent me a few images so i thought i'd share them with you:
mom made that quilt too, she's way better at all things fabric/sewing than i will ever be.
better picture with the fabric buttons. we did a good job spacing them, but maybe we should have started them higher so that some weren't covered by the pillows? i think the buttons were the hardest part :-)

i've seen a bunch of headboard tutorials online so i won't go through all of the details unless someone would like me to. it was great practice for our own headboard though, hopefully we will be able to make one for our room soon!

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2 Responses to diy headboard

VidaModa said...

great job! It looks very the tufting :)

Dennis and Su said...

Gorgeous! Your Mom is very talented, but then we all knew that!


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