best of 2009: small project

we have done a lot of little projects throughout the year - you know the kind, the project that you randomly think of on a friday afternoon while at work and decide that you will complete over the weekend. the projects that you think will take a few hours and won't cost much at all... and then end up taking you the entire weekend, some of the next week, and sometimes even the next weekend... or the next... and always always always cost a lot more than you first thought. but once you've started, you have to just keep going until they are done. because even though i'm labeling these things "small projects", in reality, i have learned that there is no such thing when dealing with home renovation.

looking through the archives i had a lot of projects to choose from - we replaced the dated light fixtures in both the downstairs and upstairs hallway. we worked on our curb appeal by updating the light fixture, installing a new mailbox, and planting a tree. i even decided, in a moment of craziness, that i wanted to wallpaper the inside of the china hutch (note to self, never wallpaper again). but i think my favorite "small project" of 2009 has been replacing our bathroom door.
our louvered bathroom door did not match any of the other doors in the house, it was the wrong style, wrong color, and well, was louvered. it was a big door fail.
we found an old door and door knob at a local architectural salvage store. it took us a while, but we were able to cut it to size and stain to match the surrounding woodwork perfectly. we then frosted both sides of the glass for extra privacy.

it lets so much more light into our hallway and into the bathroom. i also think it helps make the spaces seem larger (well, that and the light paint color instead of pink wallpaper).

we still need to install the strike plate on the door frame so that it will actually latch when closed, but i'm considering it a completed project. and it passed the big test - we have had several guests over since installing the door and no one has questioned the frosted glass / their privacy :-)

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6 Responses to best of 2009: small project

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

oh man, that makes me want a frosted door too! Great idea, and great implementation.

micah @ the yellow front door said...

I really like your new light fixture and that door was a great find!

charlotte said...

Here I find great plans for a overhead garage storage system and the fixtures we need to replace.

Dennis and Su said...

That door idea just came out so well! I love the knob as well.

Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

I love frosted bathroom doors! Have you thought about adding a vinyl decal like this?

I just love the look!

Livinia Redlips said...

The new bath door is FAB - Good job.


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