fun fabric and a new room

so, do you remember this room? our fourth bedroom... it has been a box/extra furniture/storage room since we moved in almost 1.5 years ago.
we moved everything out when we had the floors refinished, but then just moved all the boxes back in. it is the next/last room that we need to work on. i'm hoping to start it soon after the new year. based on the small piece of wallpaper that we started to take down, i am cautiously optimistic about how quickly we will be able to remove the wallpaper. the ceiling has already been painted, as well as the closet, so the walls are really the last big thing that needs to be done before we can make it a functioning room. well, that and finally unpacking all of those boxes. you should see how many we crammed into the closet... yikes. the purpose of this room will be some kind of second office, tv room, and studio. we've been calling it the den. i've been calling it "my room". i like studio though, so maybe we'll stick with that for now. i think i've been out of school long enough that the word "studio" no longer brings horrible thoughts to mind (kidding! kind of...) it's a good size - almost as large as our bedroom and has an exposed brick wall. it also gets a lot of light, it is the only bedroom with windows on 2 sides of the house.

i've been thinking about this for awhile, and i think i want to paint the walls a medium gray. i was in restoration hardware a few weeks ago and saw this new color on the walls of the store:
it is called slate. i really liked it so i picked up a sample. i'm still open to other color suggestions but for now am really loving a medium gray. we'll see how the sample looks on the walls.

i was on another blog earlier today and she was talking about painting a room gray, and was looking at curtain fabric options. she had an image of some fabric that i love. love love. i think i need to make it mine. how great would that look with my paint color? and the brick wall? and this rug from ikea that i've wanted for forever but didn't know what to do with?
link for the fabric is here.

and here are some other images that i have in my studio inspiration folder on my computer. i just started thinking about this room so i only have a few images.
i'm sorry, i don't know where the first image is from. the last two are from the recent issue of lonny.

so what do you all think? good place to start? what do you think of the fabric?

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5 Responses to fun fabric and a new room

Dennis and Su said...

The paint color looks like it would be a great match for the old mortar between the bricks. I LOVE the fabric! The floor looks fantastic! It will be an interesting room when finished because of the exposed brick and wood floor. I think it would make a wonderful studio.

Dennis and Su said...

I had never seen Lonny magazine! Thanks for the link!!

Rachel Le said...

I love love love the fabric too! Definitely go with gray for the walls and decor and throw in yellow accents here and there :)

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Yes~ do it all! I love that rug :).

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Katie, I'm really glad you are using the tonicliving fabric, I'm going to stick with my original cheapo fabric....I can't wait to see it all done!


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