it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

we put up lights outside this year
hate that front door, hopefully we can replace it this year???
my homegoods find - everyone needs a christmas tree in their bathroom
wow, the tree looks really short in this photo. it's a smaller tree than we normally get but it's still probably 6' or 7'. it's expensive to get a tree that is much taller than that!
you can see some of our new ornaments this year - the silver letter and the hawaiian santa. you can also see my favorite ornament - the ring box from my engagement ring, awww....

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4 Responses to it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Dennis and Su said...

Beautiful! Nicely done.

I'll bet the pears were painted by your uncle! I've seen the one he did for your Mom. Lovely!

Lindsay said...

Looks beautiful!!!

Liz said...

Everything looks just beautiful! And thank you so much for your prayers yesterday, may God bless you!

Dennis and Su said...

I forgot to say how much I heart your bathroom tree. Tres cute!


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