any runners out there?

i think i've mentioned this before, last fall i started the "couch to 5k" program and have been running on and off since then. i ran in high school (played lacrosse) and some in college, but not much since. when i started the program i was super out of shape and could barely run down the block. i stuck with it and have been able to work up to running a couple of miles. lately i've been trying to run for 20-30 mins a few times a week. i'd like to do more, but with the way work has been going, i'm lucky to be able to fit that in.

here's the thing - i run really really slow. like super slow. maybe i should call what i do "jogging" instead of "running". i'm pretty sure that people walk faster than i run. i have been fine with this and haven't really worried about it, until now.

i'm running my first 5k on saturday. i'm really nervous, i'm afraid that i will be the last one to finish. i don't want to be last. i don't think there is much i can do about it though. my pace is what it is, and that is not going to change overnight.

so any of you runners out there, any words of advice? has anyone else run a 5k? anything i should know? anything i should or should not do this week? i was planning on going for a longer run today (for me that is 3.5 miles) and then just do maybe 2 miles tomorrow and thursday, and then take friday off. the 5k is saturday morning. honestly, i will be happy if i am able to run the entire 5k, regardless of my time. i was looking at the route online this morning and has a lot more elevation changes than i thought.

mike is also doing the 5k but he's much faster than me so we can't really run together. i blame our height difference :-P

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2 Responses to any runners out there?

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Good for you! My advice for your first 5k:

1. Don't worry about being last! There should be plenty of walkers and run/ walkers to take those spots up. Plus, people at 5k's don't care how fast you're running. They care how fast they are running. I promise!

2. Don't start near the front of the pack. That's probably the only way that you'll get other runners' attention. Just start about 3/4 of the way back and enjoy a relaxing start.

3. Get there early. You don't want to stress out about parking or port-a-potties so try to be about 30-45 minutes early for the start.

4. Don't change your routine too much before the race. You won't need to carb up before a 5k. Just eat what you would normally eat the night before and then have a light breakfast (I eat one piece of toast and 1/2 of a banana). Also, taking the day before off is a great idea.

5. Run the entire thing. No matter how slowly you run, just keep going. You'll be so proud of yourself at the end! Based on your training, this should not be a problem.

I remember being nervous before my first race. Trust me, it's nothing to worry about. You'll be great!!

BunnyMendelbaum said...

I completely agree with Kasey. I would just add that a lot of people will start off really fast. I wouldn't recommend you do, just start with your normal pace.
Also, a good friend of mine has this funny running motivator: if she is getting discouraged, she says to herself "I can do this for 5 minutes. I can do anything for 5 minutes." It really works. I used it during labor actually!
Good luck!


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